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The 00krew prefers vodka as our drink of choice and we prefer it Russian. With all the latest , greatest vodka making it’s way to the liquor store shelfs , Russian distillers have been offering great premium vodka. ( Legend has it Russian vodka was distilled in the early 1400′s by a enslaved monk hoping to get his captors to sleep so he could escape, we don’t know if it worked ,but we are glad he brought us this great concoction.). Here are some of the 00krew favorites.







 Stolichnaya Elit- Incredibly smooth with hints of wheat, aniseed and pepper. (About $60)












Russian Standard- Classic Russian style with hints of wheat,very good. (About $20)












 Hammer ans Sickle РAnother classic Russian style with hints of wheat and pepper. (About $27)






These are all great vodka’s , the 00krew prefers Stolichnaya Elit , if you’re a purist drink ice cold and neat. The 00krew would never think of ruining these great vodka’s by mixing it with anything but a glass. We hope you enjoy these favorites as much as we do. Stay tuned for more great articles on adult beverages. Bottoms Up.

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