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Not only are we Masters of the Grill , but the 00krew also makes it’s own hot sauce. We will be making two sauces in this article. This is a very easy recipe. Prep time for the first phase is approx. 45 minutes. After that it will take 4 days to complete. To start, get a pound each of Habanero and hot Cherry peppers.









Remove the seeds and stems from the peppers and cut into pieces. Keep the peppers separated , each will be used for it’s own sauce. Be sure to wear rubber gloves during any handling of the peppers.









Once cut , puree each pepper individually and place in a jar. Add 2 TBSP Kosher salt and seal jar for 24 hours at room tempature. The 00krew recommends using Mason Jars.


After the 24 hours, add 1.5 cups of white distilled vinegar to each jar and reseal. Keep at room tempature for 72 hours. Now it’s time to turn this into sauce. Puree and strain each jar of peppers and place in a clean jar. Refrigerate. Enjoy.


The 00krew uses the hot sauce by itself on wings and drumsticks or mix with your favorite BBQ sauce or Salsa to give it an extra kick. The 00krew will be back with more of the best recipes. GRILL BABY GRILL!!







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