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The 00krew continues to bring you the best grilling recipes. For this go around , we present the 00krew smoked whole chicken leg sections. We started with three , product of Ohio , whole chicken leg sections ,  courtesy of our good friends at Kirbie’s Meats and Catering – www. kirbies.com .

First ,  soak your wood chips in water for at least two hours. Remove from water and wrap in foil. Punch holes in the foil for the smoke to  circulate. Preheat grill to 350 degrees. Place the wood chips wrapped in foil on the grill while preheating.


Lightly coat the whole chicken leg sections with  A.A BORSARI ORIGINAL SEASONED SALT.









Place the whole chicken leg sections on the top rack with the wood chips wrapped in foil on the main rack in the center.


Cook for an hour to one and a half hours , turning leg sections every 20 minutes until the skin is dark brown and crisp.


Serve as is , or slather with your favorite barbecue sauce. We also grilled up a side of asparagus to compliment this awesome meal.










The 00krew will be back soon with more of the best grillin’ recipes. GRILL BABY GRILL!!!


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